Monday, April 20, 2009

Waterboarded 183 Times? That's Not Enough

Reuters reports today that CIA interrogators used "waterboarding" 183 times during interrogations of Mr. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, "admitted planner of the September 11 attacks."
As a point of information for the unconscious, the "September 11 attacks" refer to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States that killed 2,998 people (mostly civilians) (not including 19 scumbags), and wounded over 6,000 others.
I wonder how many of Mr. Khalid Sheik Mohammed's victims (or their families) would have given all that they possessed to have been waterboarded 183 times, if it meant that they (or their loved-one) could go on living?
I find it insane and morally reprehensible that Mr. Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his friends are allowed to go on living for even one more hour, being coddled at Guantanamo or whatever caves they're being kept in.
I find it obscene that the interrogators have not daily and hourly been squeezing Mr. Khalid Sheik Mohammed like a fruit, till beyond juiced, giving him a lot worse than waterboarding.
I find it incomprehensible that Mr. Khalid Sheik Mohammed might even be afforded the dignity of a trial, rather than just giving him a drumhead court-martial and a shot in the back of the head in a ditch someplace; with his sorry carcass being tossed on the nearest rubbish-heap, and whoever whelped this beyond depraved pirate being billed for the bullet.


The Traveling Salesman said...

You betcha, brother!! I have NO problem with anything done to this trash. I would be fine with anything that our NY mafia would do when someone invades their turf without remorse. My $.02

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

I definately haven't forgotten 9/11 My father-in-law was on a plane that day flying over NYC after the first plane hit. We could not find him for most of the day. Just that fear alone makes me feel like whatever they do that f'er is not quite enough. Waterboarding just isn't painful enough. Let's burn his skin off every single day of his putrid life until he dies. Maybe then he'll know how our fellow American's felt when they had to make the choice to burn to death or jump out of a window.

Texas Gator Girl said...

Waterboarding sounds like a swim in the pool for that Asswipe! He seriously needs to be strung by his nuts!