Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Much for the New Diplomacy. . .

The EU doesn't like the "Buy American" provisions contained in President Obama's Socialism pack. . . er, excuse me, stimulus package pending in the Senate. The Stimulus Bill contains provisions mandating that only US made steel and goods be used in programs funded and established by the bill.
Okay, but I thought Obama was bringing the world a new era of good feeling, concord between America and Europe, all made possible by a new respect for treaties, unlike in the Bad Old Bush era. The problem is, the "Buy American" provisions in the Socialism Bill may be inconsistent with US membership in the World Trade Organization, not to mention the North American Free Trade Agreement. Nothing like a new era that begins with a good trade war with, say, Canada, eh?
Considering the attitude towards the recent US elections of foreign elites, particularly in Europe, it's hard to feel too sorry for some of the loudly complaining suspects -- this is the President they wanted, right? Well, congrats to the Euros, because they've sure got him. So do we. Shocking, isn't it, that the Euros' pet-American President would want to protect American union workers and not Euros?
Still, not for the first time, El Jefe wonders if this man and his party have even the smallest clue about what they're doing?

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realityunwound said...

Fearless leader has had had two whole years in the Senate. I'm sure that's plenty of time to learn everything you need to know about being the leader of the Free World.

Every step King Barry has taken so far has looked shady at best, criminal at worst.