Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Post Brought to You By the Letter C. . .

Momma over at The Kitchen (in common with some other blogs) is playing the Alphabet Super Game, where you list ten favorite things beginning with the assigned letter. This sounded interesting, I said, and lo and behold, she assigned me the letter C. So, here goes. . .
1. Cats. Of course! Where would life be without the Feline High Patronesses of this blog, FLNKY, MILO and SUNSHINE (“SHINY”) who would in any case shred me into little pieces if I didn’t mention them first.

2. Cheesecake. One of my favorite desserts (well, one of them anyway) particularly when you put cherries all over it.

3. Coffee. Lately I can’t start the morning without coffee -- LOTS of coffee. Preferred very black and very hot.

4. Camping. I really like to camp, for a couple of days anyway. . .as long as I can make camp when I can still see. But getting back to civilization is always welcome.

5. Crunching. Yes, I like it when food goes crunch, crunch, crunch! Crackers, Croutons, Chips (lots of “C” things too, I’m hoping I don’t have to promote them to separate list items.

6. Craziness. I do like to do wacko things from time to time, such as drive through my very conservative, very quiet neighborhood with the windows rolled down, the Mexican music radio station on (Hey, XM Radio: bring back 92 aguila!) and the volume cranked up. Hip Hop or German march music works too. Okay, there are other crazy things, but I'm busy today, and don't have time to research Statutes of Limitations.

7. Chaos. I must really love Chaos, since I named this blog for it, and since my desk and closets always look rather chaotic at the best of times. Go figure.

8. Cannons. Generally I like things that go boom: I have several firearms and love to shoot the things, to fool with and clean them and I enjoy learning about them. (In one of the Buzz Lightyear cartoons, Emperor Zurg, when his minions are scurrying around, gets exasperated and says: “can we just shoot the big gun?” That’s me). I’d have artillery if they’d let me, but possibly the neighbors would get alarmed.

9. Cars. I love mine, a black Lexus ES-350, very much. Generally I prefer overpowered and somewhat sporty, but with enough room to haul all my hangers-on and such around. If it irritates the Greenie Weenies, so much the better.

10. Cash. In God El Jefe trusts, all others pay cash. Cash is always a good thing, and you can never have enough of it. . .sometimes El Jefe forgets to carry any at all, which frustrates SWMBO no end. But wads of it falling out of the sky are always appreciated. (Well, duh).
Well, today's post has been brought to you by the letter C. Didn't Big Bird or somebody do that on Sesame Street?

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