Monday, January 19, 2009

Pardons Anyone?

Josh Gerstein in Politico speculates today on possible Presidential pardons by President Bush in his last hours in office, before the Supreme Leader takes power. Most of these possible pardons are uninteresting, at least to El Jefe, but Mr. Gerstein says a mouthful when he notes:
. . .Bush could quickly leap back into the spotlight in the next two days if he issues a blanket pardon immunizing CIA and military interrogators, as well as their bosses, from criminal prosecution over harsh treatment of prisoners from the war on terror . . .

Mr. Gerstein is referring to possible prosecutions of military personnel and intelligence officers for interrogations of terror suspects (mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan) following 9/11. Mr. Gerstein notes that Eric Holder, the Attorney-General designate, seems "open to the idea" of prosecutions.

In a sane world, such prosecutions would not even be a remote possibility, avoiding the need for the dreadful precedent of a pardon. As blogger Tigerhawk notes, "the best result" would be "no pardon, and no prosecution."

Considering the stripe of those coming into power, and their hunger for investigations and "war crimes" prosecutions, action by Bush is called for. Doing nothing is not only unwise, but a real disservice to officers, soldiers and other public servants doing their duty, as they saw it, under extraordinary circumstances. So, I hope that President Bush finds a way, and unfolds the blanket pardon.

Besides, it would drive the Left absolutely bonkers. . .


Donald Douglas said...

Interesting ...

Are border patrol officers getting pardons? I saw some comments at Althouse suggesting so, but haven't checked the story out.

Keep it up over here!

El Jefe Maximo said...

Apparently commutations of sentences for Messrs Ramos and Compean, who shot a drug smuggler as he fled.

I'm glad they got commutations at least; it's a close case as to whether pardons were in order. The problem with going further -- with granting outright pardons -- probably related to the alleged failure of the officers to report the shooting, which would certainly have caused me pause.

hank_F_M said...

El Jefe

At least Gov Ryan did not get a pardon. He got a light sentence so let him serve it. Of course Obama might have to pardon him to keep him from going states evidence. He probally doesn't have anything on Obama hiself but a lot of his friends may be worried. Who may know something about Obama.

And others might do the same. And Bloggo is saying he will not go alone.

But I'm day dreaming There will be a new tame Federal District attorney in short order. Machine vetted if not nominated.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Yeah, Hank, I was glad Bush didn't go out giving pardons to people like Ryan.

You really think he can get rid of Fitzgerald? I know he appoints them all..but not letting Fitz gon on would raise an eyebrow or 20. That would be interesting. Unless there really IS something there, I can't imagine he'd want to make those sort of waves.