Friday, January 16, 2009

The Loser Gives the Winner Terms

The chairman of the Hamas Politburo, Mr. Khalid Mish'al -- away from his usual home in a Syrian bunker, but still (in Doha, Qatar) far, far away from any fighting -- says that, no, Hamas will not accept Israeli conditions for a cease-fire. Not only will Hamas not accept Israel's conditions, Mr. Mish'al demands that the Israelis quit pounding Gaza to rubble, let his terrorists off the hook, and open the Gaza Strip's borders.
What a lively sense of humor Mr. Mish'al has. Why doesn't he just ask the Israelis for a fresh supply of rockets and mortar bombs to shoot at them, or for Israel to provide a few thousand more civilians for Hamas gunmen to hide behind? Only in the never-never world of the modern media, international lawyers and the United Nations would piratical losers of conflicts -- which they themselves provoked -- actually think they could get away with dictating the terms on which the fighting might end. Here's hoping the Israelis, (via tanks and artillery in Gaza) deliver Hamas an appropriate response.

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