Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Obviously I haven't been posting much, but this will soon change. Have been preoccupied with real life: Christmas, and now a little vacation at the country palace. Sort of hard to get exorcised about Israelis in Gaza (finally!) Blago's antics, the departure of Bush etc., when there's Christmas. The world isn't going anywhere, and there's plenty of time to comment. Moreover, the un-assing of un-lamented 2008 is approaching, which promises to make me a much happier camper.
On vacation (of sorts) but I have a cold. Possibly this is why SWMBO elected to stay in Cuidad El Jefe. Have all kinds of interesting medications to take: I have a cough syrup with dosages written in medico-speak. I'm supposed to take "5 CC's before bed." Well, that's clever. I gave up the intravenous drug habit, so no syringes are around. Wonder how much that is in non-doctor-speak? Possibly this is the pharmacist's revenge for my walking up to the Kroger pharmacy counter and asking her to fill my prescriptions and telling her that, oh yeah, I'd like to buy 1,477 boxes of Oxy-Contin for my runny nose. They seem to take a dim view of that. Probably like bad jokes in airports.
In any case, I will be back to regular posting soon. God knows, there's enough to talk about.

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