Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sowing and Reaping

I have never before doubted the fundamental good sense of the American people, but last nights results give me cause for pause.
The credulous middle, which decides elections in this country, has taken a chance on the Left. In choosing to trust Obama and his minions, those who supported him have gambled for hope and peace. They will reap ruin and war.
What now? Well, for the moment the Left is going to have everything it's own way. Those with money, but not enough money, will be looted to support those without. Tax and tax, spend and spend. The United States is half way to national bankruptcy already, but folks, you ain't seen nothing yet. Money which can escape, will, to more profitable havens in Asia. The rest of us are stuck.
Meanwhile, the international crisis forecast by our new Vice President is certainly coming. Where and what will it be? The Persians with nukes? North Korea with same? Taiwan? Perhaps Obama will bomb Pakistan like he said he would, or get us deeper in to Afghanistan, as promised. Whatever it is, the ex-state senator, community-organizer, "global president" beloved of foreigners, half-term senator-Messiah is now on the case.
It's Obama's show. That's what the voters have said. The voters will regret their choices soon enough. So who is Obama anyway? Who have his voters given the country to? Most of his supporters have no more clue than the rest of us, but we are all, like it or not, about to find out. For the moment, I'm going to sit in the stands, make popcorn and watch. From 20 January next, forward, everything is his fault.


Anonymous said...

El Jeffe Maximo!

As a fellow Houstonian, I have to mourn the loss of our Judges. However I feel that I must point out that Republicans worked very very hard to loose this election.

The sins of the Bush administration, from not replacing Rumsfeld sooner, to not following up on McCain's attempt to clean up Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, to having it's regulators sleeping through the housing bubble, have been long documented. Yes the media was so in the tank for Obama that they made Signal, Pravda, and Isvestia look like examples of honest, hard hitting, investigative journalisim. Still I think McCain could have overcome that, had the GOP not spent 2007 resurecting the Know Knothing Party Platform of 1854.

Sure, it was the talk radio hosts who drove the issue, but when a political party is unable to distinguish between what makes good radio and what makes good policy, you know you have a problem.

In 1994 California Proposition 187 ended Pete Wilson's political career, as well as any hope of California voting Republican for at least a generation. Gov. Schwarzenegger is the only Republican to win a gubernatorial, senatorial, or presidential election in California since 1994, thanks to the work done by Pete Wilson and Prop 187.

None the less, in 2007 and most of 2008 the GOP decided to replicate the "success" of Prop 187 by making illegal immigration their nationwide centerpiece issue. The GOP embraced Tom Trancedo and his supporters, (which, while loud, numbered in the dozens) and proceeded to systematically and repeatedly offend every Hispanic and immigrant voter in the country.

All the Dems had to do was register these voters, and deliver them to the polls. Tom Trancedo, Pat Buchanan, Michael Savage and a dozen others had already convinced them to vote straight ticket.

Larry Rasczak

El Jefe Maximo said...

I must say, Larry, that I agree with you more than not about the Republicans' mistakes these last few years.

I think the most glaring ones were Bush's falling asleep at the switch in Iraq when it was painfully clear that Rumsfeld was not getting the job done and had no strategy for same; the botch of the Katrina aftermath; and spending money like drunken sailors.

I agree with the political implications of what you have to say about immigration. At the same time, I don't believe in open borders either. I always thought that the only thing that would work was a combination bill that closed the border tight (walls and a bigger border patrol), combined with amnesty for everybody already here.

But now, I think we're likely to get nothing but amnesty, which should keep the Democrats in power for a generation or two. Texas at least, will be majority Hispanic at the end of that time.