Saturday, November 1, 2008

Socialism or Else!

Even with the Supreme Leader's persistent lead in the polls, the elite are afraid that we sheep are going to wriggle out of slavery. Erica Jong (a has-been who wrote a book about 100 years ago) has told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that she, Jane Fonda and a mob of other Lefty glitterati are terrified, and that if Americans don't obediently line up and worship Obama next Tuesday that there will be a "second civil war" and blood will run in the streets.
Meanwhile, pour encourager les autres: that is, any waverers who may, in the privacy of the polling booth be thinking that they can dodge their fate, Susan Estrich deploys the ultimate rhetorical weapon: telling us that only racism could explain a loss next Tuesday by the Supreme Leader:
There is only one reason the polls could be this wrong. There is only one reason a contest that is not even close, that is somewhere between clobbered and landslide, could wind up with the other guy on top. Every pollster in America is not incompetent. Every pollster in America is not failing in precisely the same way when it comes to pulling a sample, screening for voters and assigning weights to the various groups.
The only way all these polls could be that far off is if people are lying in numbers never before seen in American politics.
Why would they do that?
You tell me it has nothing to do with race. I'll laugh.
What else could it possibly be?
Uh, maybe not wanting Socialism, maybe getting tired of being threatened with war by has-beens, or being called closet racists, or being ruled by Supreme Leaders who consort with Lefties?
Lie to the pollsters, lie to Erica Jong and to Susan Estrich if you want to. What fun! Absolutely the best part about next Tuesday producing something unexpected would be listening to all these loons cry about it. Still, if things work out as predicted, I'm sure Ms. Jong and Ms. Estrich and all the other Lefties, once given power, will remind us all why the Left is a pestilence, soon enough.

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