Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Market, the Cabinet, Dinnertime for Sharks

Gee, as I did yesterday, I wonder if the Sawdust Messiah's new job might possibly have anything to do with the stock market's falling like a stone the past couple of days? The Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) thinks so, and he has some really cool materials for your perusal.
President-Elect Obama (makes me retch to say that) is beginning to pick a cabinet. Not all fun for Obama, who will soon learn that every time he fills a post he makes 99 malcontents and one ingrate. Good news for the appointees of course, since upon confirmation (which won't be any problem) they've reached the serious big time. Cabinet members who avoid jail ride the gravy train forever: because about the greatest thing it's possible to be in America is an ex-member of the cabinet. The road ahead is lit with parties, interesting travel and appearances on political talking-heads shows; and paved with lucrative corporate directorships, slots as pundits and prestigious professorships.
While Obama's going to his own parties and having fun, he'd do well to keep an eye on the most practical statesman in the world today: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin, soon to be President again, or Tsar, or whatever he wants, fresh off humiliating Bush over Georgia, no-doubt views the Sawdust Messiah's promotion much in the manner of a shark spying swimmers with nosebleeds. Wonder if Vlad's going to eat Ukraine next year?

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