Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ignore the Press and Vote

As Bookworm reminds us. . .just ignore the press on Tuesday, and vote, if you haven't already:

To voters living west of the Mississippi (or, as Mark Steyn says, west of Florida):

Please, please, please remember that the media will try to depress voting west of the Mississippi by announcing at about mid-day that Obama is leading overwhelmingly — with the implication that people in the later time zones should just give up and not bother to go to the polls.

No matter what the media is saying, and no matter the time of day, if you live West of the Mississippi VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

Worst case scenario: Even if Obama is truly in the lead (as opposed to being placed there as part of the media’s psy-ops), there are always local elections that matter and, when it comes to Congress and the Senate, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Absolutely correct, and those of us against Socialism and a left-wing takeover of the nation must come out all over the country. Ignore the propaganda from the prestige press: it's been in Obama's camp right along and the Messiah-worshipers are hoping we'll all just roll over and give up. Wherever you are, east of Florida, west of the Mississippi, on the Moon -- just ignore the press. Don't take the poison. Throw the paper away, turn off the television, forget the computer and just go vote. We may well lose, but let it not be from defeatism, idleness and laziness.
McCain has not run the best of campaigns, and the conditions, to put it mildly, are lousy. This means the rest of us will have to do the work for the professionals, and win it, to the extent we can, ourselves. Everyone must turn out and vote. Work on your friends, acquaintances, family, frenemies, enemies, and everybody of the right opinions and just get them in that polling booth. Talk to those who have been misled. Pay attention to the electoral map. If you know people in battleground States, particularly Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania, reach out to them now and get them to the polls Tuesday. Anything you can do really matters. The Left is at the gates. Ignore their propaganda, reject Obama's Kool-Aid, tell him to keep his change and stick it to the socialists.

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LFC said...

I agree that as many people as possible should vote, regardless of what the media is (are?) saying.

"The Left is at the gates." The Right has been in power continuously since January 1981, with the exception of the Clinton years, which weren't all that left-ish. So even in the unlikely event that Obama turns out to be the leftist the Right paints him as, maybe it's time for a bit of a shift in direction!