Thursday, October 2, 2008

Waiting for President Obama

The media has declared the Presidential Race over, and the reign of the Messiah almost a reality. St. Barack is coming! Given how hard the media establishment has worked for this result, the tone of self-congratulation is understandable.
It's not just the media. The bad guys are happy the US banking system is in the soup; and the rest of the great and good think it fitting that the economic and geopolitical humiliation of America is about to be crowned with an electoral act of American acceptance of all the country's transgressions. "Obama or else" -- the world wide chattering class has commanded, because "America's got to change." The foreigners are going to get their wish, it seems. Whether American voters will wind up enjoying it I beg leave to doubt.
No doubt once the Bringer of Hope's been crowned with many crowns next 20 January, he will bring forth the chicken in every pot and sub-prime loans for whoever needs them. Then St. Barack will sally forth into the world bringing salvation; and Putin, Chavez, Ahmadinejad et al will (after laughing themselves sick) cease their contumaciousness when the Great Community Organizer asks them to.
I'm looking for the upside of the advent of President Messiah, but finding it damn hard to see. I suppose it's some consolation that all the glory and credit for the Nirvana that's coming will accrue totally to St. Barack and his friends. Meanwhile, there's nothing to do but open some good Euro champagne, and welcome the new era in a true and cooperative spirit of bipartisanship. St. Barack's supporters have so nobly shown us the way here during the Bush years. Drink up ! Champagne is wonderful, but sparkling wine goes flat so quickly.


Anonymous said...

It ain't over till the fat lady sings. You really need to work on your optimism.

El Jefe Maximo said...

She ain't singing, yet, but she's getting Handel's Messiah all warmed up.

Anonymous said...

SWYMBO here - no optimistic bones in his body!

hank_F_M said...

But El Jefe

I thought you liked Monarchy.

His Royal Messiahness Barak the First, President for Life., Americ’as first royal ruler since George the Third of England

El Jefe Maximo said...


I am rather monarchist, but a parvenu who's a do nothing, never done anything, just a talker, a glib spinner, a cocktail-party hero for a monarch? God forbid! If I can't have an old aristocrat or an old flag to follow, give me Napoléon or a Vespasian or a Gaius Marius -- that is, some novi homines who actually did something before being showered in adulation and honor.


I prefer to think I'm a realist. I don't like optimists. Too much sales in optimism. Very non-aristo.