Monday, October 6, 2008

Crash und Storm und Drang, Oh My

The Dow falling like a stone, a demoralized people, a paralyzed government. This all sounds very familiar. Now we have stormtroopers too -- yes, it's back to the 1930's!


Anonymous said...

Apparently the new Obama-troopers don't have any height/weight standards.

A dozen kids who were raised by fools does not a Krystalnacht make.

El Jefe Maximo said...

All quite true anon, oh thank God. But on the other hand, the SS was not built in a day either.

I never thought to see anything like that here -- a politician who is a cross between a rock star, the Messiah and a cult leader.

I wonder what a prolonged spell of bad times will do for such a movement? Nothing good, particularly when the system is unable to deliver fast results to somebody who has really built up expectations that he will produce them. Bad times are not going to be his fault; no way, Obama's too good a politician for that. The blame will belong to somebody, and on the part of Obamaites in power, I just see too many upsides to mobilizing and focusing discontent of the discontented for this option not to be pursued. There are also too many targets for organized wrath to make me sleep comfortably. I wonder what this movement -- which IS a movement, will look like in early 2010?

Anonymous said...

So which cabinet slots will Ayers and Wright get?