Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Report No. 2

Well, Ike's vedettes, so to speak, in the form of clouds and gusty winds, have arrived. Nothing interesting to report otherwise. Having some difficulty with the garage door. . .it doesn't shut very well when you disable the automatic opener.
The cats know that something is up. MILO, FLINKY and SHINY (blog high patronesses) are all very frisky and concerned by the wind.
We've had dinner, washed every dish in the house, and all the clothes. The lights have flickered once already: I suspect we will lose power several times during the course of the evening before it goes out for the count. Alert status is still at "mildly irritated."

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The Hartsfields said...

We have seen that here too in Katy keep safe.
Bianca H