Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Report No. 1

Think of this as Ike's Pre-Positioned Projectile Depot

It's clouding up a little bit around Ciudad El Jefe. The yard stuff is put up, we've cooked as much of the frozen food as possible, we have water, batteries and insurance documents marshaled. In general, the other inhabitants of Grand El Jefe Boulevard, most of whom decided to ride it out, seem ready as can be also. Missing that plywood though.
I'm rather concerned about a construction site down the block, which contains a large sand pile and pallets of bricks, plus a dumpster full of scrap wood with some really choice big nails. Lovely eh? Calls to the builder, the city and all ships at sea have produced nothing but a visit from the realtor who says he's made some calls. Woo woo.
The Kingdom of Chaos Organs of State Security Alert Level is "Mildly Irritated." It's supposed to move up to "Somewhat Disconcerting" this afternoon, and on into full-blown "Oh My Gosh Situation" (OMGS) mode tonight.


louielouie said...

thinking of you guys this weekend.

as far as projectiles, i think they're all stored in that little blue building to the left.
be safe.

louielouie said...

and on into full-blown "Oh My Gosh Situation" (OMGS) mode tonight.

as EJM I is much more eloquent than myself, i have not before found myself correcting hisself, and being much more of a rednect than he, i offer this correction to his narative.
it is not OMGS.
it is simply OS.
you got the Oh correct, however, "S" does not stand for "Situation".