Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike and Other Things

Okay, it's Wednesday, and Hurricane Ike still seems determined to visit Texas, perhaps sojourning uncomfortably close to Cuidad El Jefe. The efforts of the Organs of State Security to persuade Ike that Texas is unusually boring this time of year do not seem to be working. The culprits will be re-educated at once.
A friend of mine recently glanced at my profile. . .says that I need to see a film made in this century. I'm not quite as dead to popular culture as he seems to think, but I'm close. In any case, I don't think he appreciates what a high (albeit unintentional) compliment that was.
Posting is apt to be light for the balance of the week. Besides the possible arrival of the aforementioned unwelcome guest, I'm mired in a brief I'm having difficulty finishing. No doubt I shall bash on through, but El Jefe's focus is elsewhere for the moment.


louielouie said...

no doubt excellency has procured the entire stock in view of the coming shortage.
ooooooh the profit he will make.

El Jefe Maximo said...


Well, it was a tough fought e-bay bidding battle against "Long-Winded Bearded One," "Baby Hugo" and "Monica's Big He" but at length El Jefe prevailed...

louielouie said...

bujeebus cripes
every time i check back on the track, it is farther & farther north.
making ike the unwelcome guest EJM I spoke of.
could houston evacuate to new orleans?
y'all be careful down there.