Thursday, September 18, 2008

But Yes, I'm Back!

Hey, world, El Jefe is back. The Great One survived, the family survived, the Empire is secure. . . etc.
I have some stories, and some pictures, Ike, God rot him, was quite an experience. I was going to write on him tonight, and have gotten started, but I'm just too exhausted to manage it today. Give me a day or two to be mindless, and then we'll talk about Ike.
In any case, we are all much in God's debt to come away from Ike so well. More soon, I promise. Thank you everyone, for your good wishes and thoughts.


louielouie said...

EJM I is back how wonderful!!!!!!
the mistresses were......., uh, oh crap.........they were all taken care of.........oh jebus cripes that didn't come out right...........they were all cared for and even better.........oh crap that was even worse.
i trust the throneroom suffered little damage and all visitors and hangers-on will soon be invited to join in a welcoming celebration.
if someone would only tell me where in the help the throneroom is.
i never doubted you'd be back.
really i didn't.
oh crap.

glad to hear all is well, as it can be.
good to hear you.

Wonder Woman said...

Crikey! I was really starting to worry. Glad to hear you weathered the storm.

Looking forward to hearing the full tale.

hank_F_M said...

El Jefe

Glad your well.

Dry out have good drink and relax a bit.

Candidly Caroline said...

Very glad to hear it, Jefe!

Anonymous said...

Well here we are a week later and you still haven't posted! Hoping you all are OK after all. I was sure you'd weigh in on the decline of the country in this past week.

The Kitchen said...

I'm so with Anon - get busy posting!!!!