Friday, August 8, 2008

An Obama Salute?

The Obamagruss? U.S. News reports that the Obama people have their own salute, or so it appears. Admittedly this is not the work of the campaign, per se, but of a "creative agency" called "The Loyalty, Inc." They want to have 75,000 people at his nomination screaming their allegiance and making the Obama salute, which symbolizes "new hope" and "hands clasped in acceptance of responsibility for our future."
First there was a seal, then they took the big flag off the airplane, to replace it with the Obama O, now there's a salute? What's next, uniforms (with Obama O armbands) and a song? I guess nobody's used the Horst-Wessel-Lied in awhile, although I think Billy Bragg's version of the Internationale is more their speed.
I can't honestly determine if these people are just historical illiterates with no knowledge of totalitarian movements and their use of salutes, symbols, songs and flags; or if, on the contrary, these people really do know what they're doing, and are after more than an election. I repeat my question of several days ago. What is Obama really running for?
(Hat tip: American Power).

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