Friday, August 22, 2008

Hillary Dissed? Or St. Barack Diss-organized?

Politico has a story today claiming that Senator Hillary Clinton, who (one would think) would have been seriously considered for the No. 2 spot on St. Barack's ticket -- was not "vetted" -- that is checked-out, by the Great One's vice-presidential selection team.
If this is true, it's simply amazing. True, Hillary is, to put it mildly, well-known, and the Obama people have no doubt done a significant amount of research on her in the form of opposition research during the primary campaign. But it's absolutely mind-boggling that the selection team did not, at the least, go through the motions of asking Hillary (and Bill) for relevant financial information, medical reports and other materials necessary to do the appropriate investigation.
This is possibly pure carelessness -- the Sawdust Messiah's gang reposing total confidence in their primary season research, maybe built on the certainty that they never meant to go this road, whatever happened. Alternatively it might be pure disrespect, bound to infuriate Hillary and her die-hard supporters by telling the whole world that the Obamaites never took the possibility of including her on the ticket seriously.
Either of these possibilities amount to rank stupidity -- in this business you never, never close-off an option (no matter how unlikely) until necessary, and never offend or obviously disrespect people without intending to. There's just no percentage in it whatever for St. Barack to deliberately offend Hillary.
Still, I wonder if it's simply disorganization? Obama cannot simply have ruled-out Hillary with certainty early in the process. The timing certainly indicates a problem: they really should have come out with a name Wednesday or yesterday. He needs to hurry, the Friday news cycle is going fast.

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