Monday, July 14, 2008

Loons Bankrupting the Asylum

With the decision to rescue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Government is now effectively bailer-outer to the whole world; and, never mind the consequences to the dollar, the Government's balance sheets and the fact the Government, with scarcely any debate, is putting your grandkids in hock miles higher than their eyeballs (they were already in to their eyeballs). If you were looking for a way to guarantee $8.00 a gallon gas, this was it.
Clearly, the lesson here is that, if you're big enough, you can make the taxpayers pay for anything, forever.
But forget all that -- forget that the currency is being debauched and debased, and the country being bankrupted. Worry, instead, about a stupid magazine cover.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you understand the tax evaders if this is how our money and our kids' money will be spent. We research charities and churches before we give them a dime but we don't have that option with our Big Brother.