Monday, July 21, 2008

Didn't You Hear? Obama's Already President

Drudge reports today that the New York Times has rejected John McCain's proposed op-ed column -- just a week after it gave space on the op-ed page, gratis, to St. Barack of Obama. According to the Drudge piece, the Times op-ed editor says McCain's offering is deficient because it des not "mirror" Barack the Leader's column.
Hmmm, too bad we can't get all the Lefties to hold their breath waiting for Nancy Pelosi to denounce the one-sidedness of the Times editorial page the way she does that of talk radio. . .
Meanwhile, the Sainted Leader's trip abroad has occasioned what the Financial Times (and probably everybody else) calls a "media frenzy" in contrast to the "subdued coverage" of Senator McCain's campaign. We are further informed this morning that the Iraqi government and Obama agree on when US troops should leave Iraq. And as if that were not enough, Obama has said on CBS's Face the Nation (as reported in Dan Balz's Washington Post campaign blog): "The objective of this trip was to have substantive discussions with people like [Afghan] President Karzai or [Iraqi] Prime Minister Maliki or [French] President Sarkozy or others who I expect to be dealing with over the next eight to 10 years." (italics in original)
Gee, last I heard, the 22nd Amendment said you could be President for eight years, tops. I'm sure St. Barack will fix this in his first term.
Then again, maybe he won't. Why would he have to? The media's so in the tank for this guy, why are we even bothering with an election? As far as the press and right-thinking people are concerned, St. Barack is already the President-Elect, and we're all just sitting around marking time till he takes the throne next January. We don't need to have an election -- the media, which has given up reporting the news and gone full time into making it, is having the election for us, and if we don't vote the right way come November, the chattering classes will just up and elect themselves a new people.
Moreover, as far as these people are concerned, he can be President for Life if he wants. I'm not so sure I'd bet against him dealing with Sarkozy and company ten years off.


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El Jefe

President for Life?

Not to be confused with being a President who is pro-life