Thursday, June 12, 2008

North vs. South

From some poll results found on Real Clear Politics:

IA (Rasmussen): Obama +7
NJ (Quinnipiac): Obama +6
WI (U of. Wisconsin): Obama +13
MA (Suffolk): Obama +23

AL (AEA): McCain +24
FL (Rasmussen): McCain + 10
TX (Rasmussen): McCain +13

I've always been proud to be from Alabama, and live in Texas. I like Florida too. . .


louielouie said...

in an earlier essay, EJM I expressed his displeasure at a reference LL made and at an article in question at the time regarding the election being reduced to simple mathematics.
like it or not that's what we now have.
not even math either.
simple arithmetic is all that matters now.
linear algebra, calculus, differential equations, all of those go by the wayside now as simple addition/subtraction are all that matter.
over at hank's site the rasmussen poll didn't even give results for OK. when i commented on it hank refered to OK as cousins. that's the only nice thing a texan has ever said to me. usually we just sit around and discuss each others ancestory using one or two syllable words.
who are going to be the veeps? as i see it big brown has the election. all mccain can do is get someone who can steal it for him. i just don't understand when this country went marxist?

El Jefe Maximo said...

Marxism, as you put it, or transnational progresivism, as I probably would after a scotch or two (really the same thing) took over when the 60's/70's wackos took over the university political science and journalism departments; and the law schools. The rise of so much non-print media (supported by mass affluence) has given the lefty chattering classes disproportinate influence.

It's a closed system, and it feeds and protects itself, consistently attacking traditional religions and national historical narratives and values (at least in the big nation-states); and, promoting the concept of post-national world citizenship. The media spreads the ideology (Global Warming bad, US unilateralism, discrimination against "undocumented" workers bad); Kyoto, UN good. The lawyers, international law lobbies and courts back it up with lawfare that strikes at the power of the US to act as a nation state. The politicians and celebrities who are the front men/women/things for the movement fight or try to discredit anybody who resists it.

Over the long run, political judgments procured by elected bodies and by choices of the voters are undermined and discredited in favor of transnational organizations, courts, lawyers, big media and persons who are otherwise members of the global elect. Our government is becoming less elected, more a media/celebrity/legal/judicial clerisy.

Now to a degree, it has always been government by clerisy, but the trends I have been describing make the rulers less amenable to control by the governed. Survey after survey shows, for example, that most Americans are very upset about illegal immigration. But the overclass refuses to do anything about it, and because of the position of the media, they cannot be compelled to.

The grave weakness of the whole enterprise is that it is funeded by taxpayers who pay but who don't really like it, either here or in Europe. The chattering classes can turn us into serfs, as long as the taxpayers keep consenting.