Friday, June 20, 2008

The Leader's New Seal

Obama has his own little quasi-Presidential seal. This is only appropriate since St Barack of Obama is really going to be bigger than a President. . .
According to the AP's photo caption, the Seal is somewhat different than the President's:

Instead of the Latin 'E pluribus unum' (Out of many, one), Obama's says 'Vero possumus', rough Latin for 'Yes, we can.' Instead of 'Seal of the President of the United States', Obama's Web site address is listed. And instead of a shield, Obama's eagle wears his 'O' campaign logo with a rising sun representing hope ahead.

Only makes sense that the Diversity uber alles crowd would chuck the whole unim concept of one people. He's bigger than a Kennedy, damn it -- he's got his own Latin. For that matter, it's good to see he's giving all his intellectuals enough to do, turning phrases like "vero possumus" to wow the hoi polloi.
Maybe the soldiers will be privileged to bear the new Obama symbol on their uniform, like the Reichsadler of another regime? Their belt-buckles might well say "Obama is With Us." I wonder if the Obamacons will change the flag? Seems only appropriate for the post-national era the New Messiah is leading us to.
If you're not creeped-out yet, you're not paying attention.
(Hat tip: Drudge Report).


Americaneocon said...

It is creepy, El Jefe!!

Nice posting!

Anonymous said...

Some mediocre art student involved with the campaign tried to develop a new version of the old, blue National Recovery Act sign.

Obama's campaign is a children's crusade of sorts, with this kind of stupidity, but it also fits into a kind of intentional deconstruction of national symbols.