Monday, June 2, 2008

Hillary Wins, Hillaites Angry

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton beat St. Barack of Obama in Puerto Rico by over 140,000 votes of almost 385,000 cast (68.4 percent to 31.6 percent). Clobbering or no, this doesn't help Hillary, the media decrees: because St. Obama is the designated champion of the Elect against the Satanic.
Hillary's supporters are a little upset: mostly at the Democratic Party machine's disposition of the Florida/Michigan conundrum. Apparently, the baby-splitting of delegates by the party poobahs and panjandrums, now under the control of St. Obama's would-be prelates ("when you see Obama, tell the Great One I was always for Him ") -- has the inhabitants of der Hillabunker incandescent with anger. Kirsten Powers says in the New York Post: "that passion is teetering on the brink of morphing into a raging anti-Obama force."
Oh, I like that. Say it again, El Jefe. Hmmm, okay, here goes: "that passion is teetering on the brink of morphing into a raging anti-Obama force."
(Cut to vision of the passion, fully morphed now into a raging anti-Obama force, marching down some big avenue someplace. In their ranks marches Xena the Warrior Princess, maybe Mel Gibson's Braveheart character, some people from WWF, the Lion King, King Kong, Harold Ickes and the Swamp Thing, all the Pokemons and maybe even Janet Reno, headed for the convention for the Ultimate Showdown. James Carville is there, assuring everyone that "we're going to waarh," plus Superman, Batman and Robin too -- and they're all led by Hilla in leather on a white horse with a giant whip). Oh, never mind.
Anyway, I hope the passion does some serious morphing, and stays seriously angry through, say, 4 November or so ? Just a thought.


louielouie said...

the speed of the internet
i'm sure you saw this.
das hillery in da bunker........

El Jefe Maximo said...

No, LL I had not seen that. Just when you think you're clever...

Watched it...I'm assuming it's a clip from the German film Downfall from 2004. I had wanted to see it: still might, but I thought (if my guess about the origin of the clip is correct) from what I saw here that Alec Guinness did a better Hitler in 1973's Hitler: The Last Ten Days, which is a good film if anybody is interested.

Donald Douglas said...

It's pretty anti-Obama out there. I'm still wondering how well the party will unify for the election?

Anonymous said...

We see through the glass darkly on this election. I have NOT been able to identify the vital force behind the Obama phenomenon. It might not be evanescent, but durable enough to elect him.

Certainly the decline in public expectation of Presidents, and the dissipation of our common culture, have much to do with Obama's popularity - a generational thing, too. We might be judging him by standards that have attenuated in America...experience and sobriety and restraint in government mean nothing now.

Moreover, those who flutter over Obama see the possibility of power in the hands of someone like themselves. This accounted for Clinton's temporary media reign; it had little to do with real merit or objective value. Celebrity identification is pretty powerful.

We won't understand this for years and years.


louielouie said...

interesting observation.
if any of hussein's foolowers were to come across your comments it may go something like this:

We see through the glass darkly on this election.

you are obviously a racist.
your comments are divisive and offensive.
you are a racist.
your comments do not belong in this election or a public forum.
you are a racist.
your repeated references to the color of our dear leaders skin color show your racist nature.
you are a racist.


Anonymous said...

I resent that, LL. You don't have to be so niggardly in your observations. I didn't expect slavish praise for my masterful labors in liberating the truth about this campaign, but I certainly didn't expect to be put on the block.


louielouie said...

i agreed with your observation.
my point was that is what they would say.

Anonymous said...

Louie, I know.

My response was to use other imbedded words that the lefties would find offensive.

"Darkly" is nothing compared to "niggardly",and the other ones. Valid words, nevertheless.



El Jefe Maximo said...

Foolowers...I do like that.

It's getting pretty thick in here with all these metaphors flying about.

Rhod is right about the celebrity identification issue. The thing about this country that continues to astonish me is how profoundly monarchist it is.

More than that, I think the increased celebrity-mania that we've observed over the last 15 years is partly attributable to the general weakening of religious bonds in the broader culture; the decreased trust in all institutions, and in politicians as a group, and the decline of the media as a mediator between the elites and the public.

The situation is made to order for a celebrity-type demagogue who seizes his chance. It remains to be seen whether Obama fills this particular bill.

Anonymous said...

Terrific, insightful leap, EJ, from the celebrity culture to the monarchist observation. Now that's a door to other investigations. It fits beautifully.

In addition to your conclusions about WHY this has happened, I'd add the disappearance of real satire and lese majeste in re the powerful. We don't take Rowlandsonian and Hogarthian shots as a way to level those in authority over us any more; we do it with ideology or prurience in mind.

Comedy now is either scatological or political, without a Mort Sahl to be found. When we've finally lost our skepticism for those who rule, we're doomed.