Monday, June 16, 2008

Che, and Change We Can Believe In

Every American judge needs a picture of a murderous commie who needs a shave on his office wall, don't you think ? As Comrade Fidel and his stooges would say, "we shall be like Che." Venceremos !


hank_F_M said...

If the judge like Che why would the judge object to a death penalty?


Oh Yea! The defendent was guilty as Che.

Americaneocon said...

I posted on this!!

El Jefe Maximo said...

So sorry, I should have linked you too, and I would encourage anybody reading to check out Americaneocon's post on this subject.

Amazing, isn't it Hank, that this judge doesn't like the death penalty ? Che, his allies and friends shot more people than that judge has had hot dinners, but I guess that's machts nichts to him, even accepting the dubious possibility that he knows.

Leftism is in part a religion of power -- as it was for the murdering bandit Che, but as I said on my own comment on Americaneocon's blog, there is another side.

Besides worshiping power, many lefties crave submission also. I think serious Leftism today cannot be understood today except as a need and plea for control by a glamorous elite so that the masses may safely and joyfully submit. I think much of the appeal for leftism can be explained by the need of some to have boots to lick; a master to bow to. As I've said before, this is probably due to both the decline of instiutional religion, coincident with the victory of the counterculture -- and its refusal to accept anything that looks remotely like traditional institutions or religion.

Add a great dollup of apprehension at what Globalization might produce, and you have all the ingredients for a celebrity worshiping, child-hating, history-erasing lefty tyranical empire that places the Self in the place of God; that sees abortion as a sacriment because it denies any future (the present is all); that laughs at history by glorifying murderers like Che and denies their crimes.

I think ultimately it fails though, because the poison academic generation of the 60's and 70's that's giving us this in Europe and America will get old, and begin to wonder about the future. Islam has many of the same attractions as Celebrity-Worshiping Leftism, and offers a trancendent after-life. If Islam was a stock, it would be an interesting buy.