Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nepal Abolishes the Monarchy

As expected, Nepal's Constituent Assembly (dominated by Maoist "former" rebels) has voted in its first session to abolish that country's 239 year old monarchy. The king has been given 15 days to leave his palace.
Humph. Note that this blog is not the "Republic" of Chaos. Were I king I'd abolish the Assembly, like, yesterday.


louielouie said...

Were I king I'd abolish the Assembly, like, yesterday.

hmmmmm, that's odd.
i've been coming to the kingdom for, oh, a couple of weeks now, and i've never seen EJM I describe a royals action so briefly.
usually he goes into waaaay too much detail, and bandwidth. sometimes even causing LL to view over ones shoulder in concern for his own privacy, not to mention freedom. describing in minute detail the inner workings of tyranical regimes, and the mechanisms that bolster these said inner workings.
now for some reason he dismisses the Nepal royal with a brief sentence.
perhaps EJM I knows something we don't. perhaps the Nepal royal has lost control of the inner workings that EJM I lords over we minions. perhaps the Nepal royal does not have his very hands on the jugular of state security, in the manner of EJM I.
it just may be that EJM I knows the Nepal royal resembles gordon brown or ehud olmert more than resembles a true royal.
if not, the 15 day notice would never have been given.
just maybe.
LL glances over shoulder..........
decides not to complain about that da*n word verification thingy.......again.

louielouie said...

now see what i mean.
this just shows that EJM I has visited south of the gulf of mexico to consort with his dear friend and confiant about what to do next.
EJM I fingerprints are all over this one.