Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Bobo Comes to Obama

It's not reason that is at the heart of modern-day liberalism but rather the claim to superior virtue and, even more important, to a special knowledge unavailable to the unwashed or unenlightened. Depending on the temper of the time, such virtue and knowledge can derive disproportionately from scientism or mysticism -- or it can mix large dollops of both.
Ben Smith over at Politico writes today about Linda Douglass, presently a contributing editor over at National Journal, who has just joined St. Barack's campaign as a "senior strategist and as a senior campaign spokesperson." Marc Ambinder's blog at Atlantic quotes Ms. Douglass as saying she sees ". . .this as a moment of transformational change in the country and I have spent my lifetime sitting on the sidelines watching people attempt to make change. I just decided that I can't sit on the sidelines anymore." Ms. Douglas, it should be noted, has had a pretty good seat on the sidelines, interviewing recently, among others, Obama's campaign manager.
National Journal has rated Obama the most liberal US Senator, and Ms. Douglass's new job makes it clearer than ever that Big Media (or at least a lot of Chattering Class members) is securely in Obama's corner. One of Mr. Smith's commenters says it best, noting that "the union of media and Obama is now becoming whole." No kidding! Is an official change of job title really that necessary ? Not only are the chattering classes praising and worshiping the new Messiah, they're leaving their workplaces to witness for Him and to save others too.
More generally, I find the Bobo Cult of Obama endlessly fascinating. Not all Democrats are drinking the Kool-Aid: Hillary Clinton is utterly finished as a Presidential candidate, but she got 249,000 votes more than St. Barack in Kentucky last night. Meanwhile, we have Joe Lieberman, former Democratic candidate for Vice President of the United States, all but calling Obama's foreign policy ideas lunacy. Today in the New York Times, we can find predictions of $200.00 per barrel oil. And St. Barack is pretty much guaranteed to raise your taxes.
This sounds, at a minimum, like a very expensive future for the swells. But, if you live in a big city, take a drive through the upper middle class/lower upper class neighborhood of your choice and count Lexuses with Obama stickers. Check out all the million dollar-plus houses with Obama signs. Listen to all the Bobos with luxury homes, who vacation at Destin, in British Columbia and spend weeks in Europe, just begging for the Change We Can Believe In. It's like seeing pigs cheering for the wolf.
Looks more and more like the Bobos will get what they think they want. If the wolf wasn't going to eat the rest of us too, it would almost be entertaining.
Only almost. More seriously, the flash-in-the-pan popularity of a comparatively unknown Senator who can (unlike your average Republican) Really Talk; and the idolatry towards Obama on the part of a lot of people who should know better is profoundly troubling. Similarly, the quasi-religious aspect of the Global Warming movement tells me we have lots and lots of spiritually and intellectually unmoored Seekers looking for Answers. Careful what you wish for.

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Roy said...

It's so sad. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I have a bad feeling that's going to happen a lot over the next five years.

I just finished Peggy Noonan's "What I Saw at the Revolution" about the her time at the Reagan White House. Where are the Conservatives' "great communicators" these days? Ideas and invitations need to go out! We need to find him or her and get ready for 2012! Somebody has to stoke that silent majority.

Oh no. Gotta run. Getting sick again.