Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Win is a Win

Hilla wins Pennsylvania -- she's ten points ahead of St. Barack of Obama with 85 percent of the votes in, which is fairly convincing. The Real Clear Politics blog has an excellent Pennsylvania thread going, which got me up to speed really quickly. I'll be curious to see the post-mortems and analysis showing us exactly who voted -- in particular: (1) what Philadelphia did; (2) how much white working class support St. Barack got; and, (3) how much of the Obamanation -- all the new voters the cult boasts about signing up -- actually turned out.
The spinning has already begun: the Hilla spokesman wants to know why St. Barack couldn't win in Pennsylvania with all his alleged advantages. As RCP Blog points out, that's a very good question, considering all the cash that Obama poured into the state. Then again, Obama really has the cash to burn, doesn't he ?
I believe that Obama's still the nominee, but I hope the Democratic chaos continues for awhile. Thinking for later: the McCain organization needs to think on making the Democrats fight for Pennsylvania. But can they find the money ?
Hillary and her campaign have done a workmanlike job with poor cards. She has much to be happy about tonight: she's probably delayed the superdelegates closing down the process, and she's got another couple of weeks to hope Obama slips on the soap, or that some smoking gun from his past turns up. Question is, though, how's her money holding up ?
Actually, that's just one question. The more interesting poser is -- what is she really planning ? Looking at the numbers, she cannot now hope to win the nomination without Obama's collaboration in his own destruction. Either Obama slips -- makes some ginormous gaffe that even the Obama-worshipping media slaves notice, or Hillary has to hope she can profit from some other latent flaw in the Great One's past (like the William Ayers business) that we don't yet know about.
But barring that kind of disaster, it's on the cards now that Obama is the nominee. Hillary's most interesting and often most admirable character trait is that she always fights and never, ever gives up. If Obama wins in November, the chances that Hillary can ever be President, four years or eight years hence, or at any other time, are vanishingly small. Can she ever give up this wish-dream she's been single-mindedly chasing (like her husband), for virtually her whole life ? I wonder if, whatever she says now or later, she can ever support an Obama candidacy ? Should Obama be the Democratic nominee, is it possible that Hillary, in her secret heart, might somehow see it in her interest for McCain to win come November ? Is she capable of being that devious ?
But all that's in abeyance for the moment. For now, as far as Hillary's concern, she's still in it, and a win is a win. (Also true for the Heir -- his team won tonight's baseball game).

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Americaneocon said...

Nice post.

She'll take it to the convention, and she'll argue that Obama can't win where it counts: In the heartland.

I'm just going to enjoy all the spin today on the significance of all of this, but Hill's the comeback queen, and if I were her, I'd stay in as long as possible. Obama's gaffe's are a regularity, so just hang we can just hang in a little longer, and Clinton'll see another "bitter"-style comment.