Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Morning

The affairs of El Jefe's vast empire sat unattended this weekend, after El Jefe adjourned to his hacienda in the provinces on Saturday afternoon, accompanied only by his cat FLINKY. (SWMBO, the Heir and the other cats stayed in Ciudad El Jefe).
El Jefe didn't do much productive beyond yardwork, plus some fiddling with yard equipment, reading and enjoying the peace and quiet. The weather was as splendid as it gets in south-central Texas. Perhaps this evening I'll add a photograph to this post. Enjoyed most of a splendid bottle of Merlot with dinner Saturday (Becker Vineyards, Merlot (2006)). The Merlot went down very well with a ginormous New York Strip and some mushrooms.
I have possibly said in here before that I don't watch much television. I've never seen American Idol, Survivor (is that still on ?) or any of that sort of thing. (Yes, yes, I'm pop-culturally dead, I know it. But I'm warped enough to think that's a good thing). However, I do watch movies on DVD, as well as old television programs that have been re-released on DVD. Thanks to the Heir and SWMBO, I now have a complete set of Magnum P.I. -- my favorite TV program ever; and I have recently started to watch Hawaii Five-O, (Magnum's forerunner), which is at last available in DVD. Watched an episode last night -- supposedly the first episode in which Steve McGarrett utters the immortal line "Book 'em !" Even if you can't stand cop dramas, Five O's worth a look just to see the huge mid 60's automobiles and the loud 60's clothes. The scenery will no doubt remind many late Boomers and early X'ers of childhood.
Alas, the real world didn't go anyplace, and I'm back in it. Got up early this morning and drove back into Cuidad El Jefe in time to take the Heir to school.


louielouie said...
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El Jefe Maximo said...

Oh no ! I was trying to comment, and I deleted LL's comment by mistake. LL's original comment was:

thought it was book'em danno!!

i like this version the best. even though the series theme is more polished, and that zoom-in on jack lord is an all time classic.

.....this morning came back trumpets banners

El Jefe Maximo said...


The "cocoon" theme from the pilot is indeed a good one, although I'm attached to the theme from the series for sentimental reasons.

On a similar note, I liked the first season theme of Magnum P.I. better than the one that was used from about the 9th episode forward.

Sorry for deleting your comment. Those responsible were given a fair trial and shot at once.

El Jefe Maximo said...

As for coming back into town without every good dictator, LL, I love to put about rumors that the Great One is ill, absent, out of town with Spitzer's doxy, etc...just to see what will be said by whom, when I'm gone, or before word's got about that I'm back in town ;-)