Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winehead: It's Later Than You Think. . .

El Jefe and SWMBO attended a family wedding yesterday, then El Jefe dropped-in on friend T and her family. Sat up till the wee small hours drinking red wine on their back deck. Spent the smaller hours drinking gobs of water to avoid the consequences.
Woke up with a minor winehead, (although nothing like what I deserved). SWMBO helped cure it by dispatching me to the Kolache shop for breakfast. It is almost never a good idea to send El Jefe on a foraging expedition before breakfast, and today was no exception, I came back with plenty of goodies. Fortunately, the Kolache Factory is next door to the local Starbucks, and a vente black coffee and some baked edibles did wonders for my disposition.
Hurrah ! Normal time has at last returned. I hate Fall Back but love Spring Forward. El Jefe is totally pumped about the arrival of Daylight Frikkin Normal Savings Time this morning. Now it's not black as a coal-pit at 6 p.m. Saw some schweinehund proposing to get rid of Daylight Savings Time in favor of Standard Time the other day. I don't know about folks near the east coast and in the northern latitudes, where the sun appears on a slightly different schedule, but those of us in flyover country like our long evenings, thank you very much. Anyway, I'd keep Daylight Savings Time year round.


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Love that it's lighter longer. Don't love missing that hour of sleep! :P