Monday, March 10, 2008

China Tortures Cats

Apparently, the Chinese authorities have decided to clean up Beijing in advance of the Olympic Games, so they are rounding up cats, including pets, and shipping them off to die in "death camps" on the edge of Beijing. There is an official government advertising and propaganda campaign to gin-up paranoia about diseases carried by cats, and, according to the article in the Daily Mail "ordering residents to help clear the streets of them." Pet owners are being intimidated by the government into abandoning their pets.
Animal welfare groups in China are protesting -- and in that country, protesting government decisions of any kind is truly heroic.
What other government in the world could get away with such a thing ? Given some other things the Chinese do, I don't suppose that this latest outrage should be a surprise, but deliberate starvation and killing of so many otherwise unoffending cats, including pets, who depend on humans for their welfare and protection shocks the conscience.
What can we do ? Not much, unfortunately, beyond telling as many people as possible what the Chinese are doing to their cats; and avoid viewing the televised Olympic Games; boycotting the broadcast's advertisers and not buying as many Chinese knick-knacks as we can.
(Hat tip: American Thinker).

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Candidly Caroline said...

That definitely makes me sick to my stomach.