Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beldar's Spitzer Posts

I was going to have more to say on the Spitzer mess in New York, but Beldar's superb and legally well-informed posts (here and here) over at Beldar Blog make my projected post superfluous. Be sure to check them out.
I had wondered why the Governor was delaying a resignation. Had Mr. Spitzer been genuinely contrite, or even a gentleman, he would have resigned and disappeared into seclusion, without comments or press conferences; without dragging his wife in front of the cameras, immediately upon this matter becoming public. Beldar's musings about negotiations for a plea-bargain possibly being in the works provide at least a tactical explanation for his behavior these last two days in hanging on to his office. I suppose that it is too much to expect that a man would refrain from using an office of state as some kind of a bargaining chip: that he would put his duty to his office and to the electors ahead of saving his own skin.

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