Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super (Tsunami) Tuesday

I'm not even attempting to prognosticate this one: too many states, too many variables. If you're looking for informed predictions, try Blogging Caesar (see blogroll), or some of the links at Real Clear Politics (also in blogroll). I was hoping McCain could put it away today -- still hoping, but not as sure about that as I was: the talk radio crowd is making this harder than it has to be. We'll still get there in the end, but every day that goes on affects the Republicans' chances in the general election adversely.
As to the Democrats, Mrs. Clinton appears to be in some trouble. Personally, I'm hoping that fight goes on for a good while yet, but we'll see.


H said...

I'll be at the caucus tonight in Minnesota. McCain had a substantial lead here a couple weeks ago, but I heard a rumor yesterday that Rasmussen had it at 36-35 McCain.

Looks like the talk radio crew has had an effect.

H said...

It's looking bad for McCain in MN. He was second in my precicnt with 11 votes to Romney's 16. I think talk radio had a large and detrimental influence in Minnesota.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Looks like a Dog's Breakfast all over H, with California being the Ghost at the Feast.

The real joker in the deck is Huckabee. He's done considerably better than expected, and this was apparent early in the evening. I wonder if that will have its effect in CA ? My horseback guess is that, indirectly, this hurts Romney worse. . .it's not clear what he has in the way of legs. Huckabee doesn't either. That leaves us McCain and a crowd of irreconcilables.

No question, nothing decisive happened today for the Republicans. That hurts McCain...and, did they but understand it -- everyone else on our team. Advantage: Obama or Clinton.

H said...

McCain 44 Romney 25 in CA so far. It's early still but that's a big ouch for Romney.

Interesting that Huck has done so well considering the Rush and Dobson statements.

The Dem side seems just as crazy at this point. I won't catch up on all the details until tomorrow but seems rather undecided there as well.

I'm not sure that we're that much worse off. The Dems still have a serious fight on their hands. Obama is surging but he's just getting to that 50-50 point. It will be quite the ugly fight for the rest of the way.