Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama Likes Che ?

Newsbusters has a photograph and link to a video (from Fox 26 Houston) that appear to show the St. Barack of Obama campaign office located right here in Ciudad El Jefe -- with a Cuban flag defaced with a picture of Che Guevara (a famous communist thug and terrorist) on it. (Another blog's description, with a bigger pic, here).
St. Barack is, you will remember, the candidate who does not like wearing American flag pins.
No doubt some phone calls will be (or have been) made, and the Che flag will be put away. But it is interesting.


Anonymous said...

I was around in the 1960's, and beyond the age of reason. I don't want to go back. In retrospect, it was horrible and destructive, even though I did my part. The Obama Phenomenon reminds me of that time.

H said...

Did you see this update?