Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney Wins Michigan

Oy. . .

This wrecks the momentum that McCain was beginning to build up, and takes Giuliani off the ropes. Now McCain, Romney and Huckabee will likely wreck each other, sucking Thompson down with them. Probably, advantage to Giuliani in the short term; but it is doubtful he is electable in November.

I must say, things look rather grim for Republicans. Gold, Euros anyone ?


Anonymous said...

I'm still a little confused as to what you dislike about Romney (besides his residence). I'm not sold on him but he looks presidential enough on paper.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Residence is something...namely, I have trouble believing that a Masschusetts governor, no matter how conservative, can win in the Republican heartlands of the South and West.

Did I but think that Romney could win -- I'd look at him much more favorably. On most issues, I agree with him, although I think McCain would likely be a more effective commander in chief, and better at working with Congress. However, I just don't evaluate Romney as being able to go the distance. In the event he is the Republican nominee, I will give him 300 percent support.

Whatever the Republicans do, it was going to be an uphill fight this year. Whatever chances they have revolve around resolving the nomination struggle quickly; and then doing whatever can be done to put the Party back together for November. Every day that the nomination is in contention delays that task and materially reduces the Republicans' chances. I evaluated McCain as, overall, best able to accomplish that program, and best able to prevail in the general election come November. I think that's still the way to bet it.

I would be pleasantly surprised if Romney could accomplish all that. I evaluate his chances of doing so as substantially less than those of McCain. Thompson would be a good choice also, but I think he has run an even more inept campaign than Romney.

Winning, or the ability so to do, is not the sole test of merit -- but it matters.

louielouie said...

it is confusing to me, why thompson & romney have advisers on their staffs with such close ties to hamass & hezzy.
i guess it's just my bigotry coming out.

El Jefe Maximo said...


Detroit and Michigan in general have very large Arab-American communities, so I'm sure all the campaigns take that into account.