Friday, January 4, 2008

The Last of Iowa

Just possibly, I have been guilty of underestimating St. Barack of Obama, although I am not convinced, yet. Hillary Clinton, though is in some deep, deep trouble.
Edwards really needed to win here, as did Romney on the Republican side. The outlook for them is rather dim: Obama is now the most solid alternative to Hillary, and should be well-positioned to pick up Edwards voters; Romney is toast if McCain takes New Hampshire.
The biggest question on the Republican side is what Fred Thompson will do ? Jay Cost at the Horse Race Blog thinks he's out of money. In order for any serious alternative to Giuliani to develop, somebody (Thompson, Romney or McCain) needs to fold. Otherwise Huckabee and these people will wreck each other, probably meaning Giuliani takes all -- that is, the nomination of a bitterly divided party.
Senator Thompson, the bar's open. What do you want ?

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