Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Democratic Race

At a horseback guess, it's a very bad sign for Mrs. Clinton that her Presidential hubby has suddenly taken such a prominent role in her campaign. I can't imagine the Hillary-handlers would trot-out Slick unless matters were truly desperate. It may well have come to this pass: things do not look well when the new media buzz on a campaign is about "humanizing" the candidate, especially when the robot's not even running.
If Mrs. Clinton's truly in trouble, as she appears to be, the other candidates better put on their tin hats - because the detectives and campaign operatives are going to be really digging for dirt.
Mind you, none of these people are getting my vote, and I view this totally from the outside (sort of like the Iran-Iraq war), but I find Mrs. Clinton far and away the most rational of the Democratic candidates.
Cui bono from Hillary's troubles ? I suppose the easy answer is St. Barak of Obama, but I still don't think he has the horses to go the distance, especially if Hillary gives him a good pounding. Watch the man with the Iowa organization; the man who is (momentarily) the "unserviced target" so to speak, although that's sure gonna change. John Edwards, call your office. . .


louielouie said...

viewing Hank's site yesterday, in anticipation of leaving a comment that hopefully you would address, i was aghast, mind you aghast, i know you're not used to people north of the red river using words like that, but i've been coming to the kingdom for some time now.
how's that for a run-on sentence???
you had beaten me to the punch with your comment regarding the contrasting curves of huckabee/giuliani.
actually i don't think hillary is in trouble at all.
she'll just set some people down and say, listen, i'm the only one who can win the white house, now shut up and support me or you'll wake up at room temperature.
ka-ching, nomination!!!
to me the huckabee bus looks like the product of social conservatives that would rather loose with him as the nominee than win with giuliani.
i guess giuliani is too liberal for them. but he has held the most difficult job in america for two terms.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I suspect that Huckabee is likely to wind up handing the nomination to Giuliani. . .but I may have more to say on the Republican side of things in a day or two.

I gotta disagree with you a tad about Hilla. I think she's hurting. . .the more you see Monica's "Big He" the worse it's gotta be. She needed to stay inevitable. She's looking a lot like Mondull in 84 now.

louielouie said...

Monica's "Big He"

i'll stop laughing hysterically about 7 tonight.