Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How NOT To Change A Tire

Tools for loosening lug-nuts: (1) lug-wrench; (2) shotgun. No, I'm not kidding, somebody tried to take off a balky lug-nut with a shotgun.
Having tried unsuccessfully to budge machine-tightened lug-nuts using only the lug-wrench in the tire kit myself, I can certainly empathaize with this fellow's frustration, although he chose an extreme way to vent it. Apparently, the 66-year old gentleman had been repairing his Lincoln Continental in his driveway for a couple of weeks, and when it came time to remove a tire, he had gotten all the lug-nuts off except this one sticky one. No, he wasn't going to ask for help, or find somebody with an impact wrench, but one way or another, that nut was coming off !
Anyway, the article says that the guy who preferred the 12-gauge lug-wrench got a trip to the hospital, but it doesn't say whether he got that pesky lug-nut off.

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louielouie said...

although it may not do any good, this is the reason i don't break any laws, that i know of.
at 66 years of age, people like this are eligible for jury duty.

if i may make an alternate comment.