Friday, October 19, 2007

No Silence, Just Cash

The big E-bay auction is ended. Because it embarrasses the Left, the media doesn't want you to hear about it, but Rush Limbaugh raised over $2 million dollars for The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation via an E-bay auction of a letter, on Senate stationery, signed by Senate majority leader Harry Reid, and most of the Democratic caucus in the Senate, (including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama).

The letter, addressed to the CEO of Clear Channel Communications – Rush’s broadcaster, was a blatant attempt to use the power of the Senate to silence a private citizen by intimidating his regulated broadcaster. “Here, Clear Channel, we’re big-shot senators: you’d better shut that right-wing loudmouth up,” they thought to say. Here's to Rush for throwing it back in their faces. The drafters and signers of this letter, a document belonging on the letterhead of the Supreme Soviet of Joseph Stalin, not the United States Senate -- ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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