Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Yes, El Jefe is still here, in his palace, brooding. El Jefe's thoughts are constantly roving, encompassing the whole panorama of the struggles of peoples and nations; not to mention what he had for lunch, the beauty of Jenny McCarthy, his un-comfy shoes, and thinking on how the top of his desk very much needs a liberal application of some kerosene and a match.
No, I'm not ADD, much. Guards ! Guards ! The dungeon for whoever suggested that !
Seriously, I'm busy at work, and just not in the mood to blog so far this week. Clearly I need to retire to my massively vast estates in the country for a day or fifteen. Meanwhile, there's always Halloween. Hope you're having a good one, wherever you are; all the while making sure to drive carefully, and to keep your cats safe indoors.


Candidly Caroline said...

It's the uncomfortable shoes, Jefe. It all boils down to the shoes. ;)

El Jefe Maximo said...

And it became MORE AND MORE the shoes as the day wore on, too.