Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gorgeous Afternoon, Drowsy Jefe

It's such a splendid day in Cuidad El Jefe, where the weather today is as good as can be seen around here. Late September and early October are my favorite months in this city --if it was like this for very long, they'd call it California.
Unfortunately, I'm viewing this gorgeous afternoon through a window: cause there's lots to get done, even though I'm not in much of a mood to do it. Hope you're having a good day, wherever you are.


louielouie said...

i envy kalifornia nothing.
they can have their mudslides, coastal fires, earthquakes, etc.
i'll take my tornadoes, flash floods, large hail, and damaging winds any day.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Oh, I don't either LL. Would not trade places for anything.

Candidly Caroline said...

Enjoy, Jefe!

louielouie said...

when you come back from your weekend odyssey, you may wnat to read this.
it is just one paragraph but the last sentence should evoke some reaction from EJM I given his most recent look at the future essay.