Monday, September 24, 2007

So Who Can Stop Hillary ?

Maybe. The Senator certainly has a sizable financial advantage, and she appears to have a good organization. But her negatives are high, and there's a long way to go yet. Also, she's been very lucky in terms of opponents: Obama's an amateur; and, as for Edwards, it's unclear whether he, or his wife, would be the better candidate.
Actually, there's one person out there who could stop Hillary stone-cold dead, win the nomination, and probably be elected President, if he could put an organization together fast enough. . .
God forbid, but . . .Earth to Planet Al Gore. . . Come in, ALGORE. . .


hank_F_M said...

El Jefe

But remember one of the main reasons Bill selected Gore as Vice President he would not try (or have the stomach) to turn the vice presidency into a competitor with the Presidency.

If he is not the blessed candidate of the Democratic party elite he won’t do more than put his toes in the water.

In a way that is to bad, Ms Clinton is a much better campaign manager.

El Jefe Maximo said...


I sure agree about Hillary being the better campaign cat MILO is probably a better campaign manager than ALGORE: with the economy and the conditions existing in 2000, the election was all but gift-wrapped. Slick's scandals just kept it interesting, and wouldn't have stopped somebody who knew what he was doing.

That said, ALBORE had that searing experience. Even he had to learn something. Moreover, the "environment" has changed, and ALGORE has had his Blues Brothers moment, and gotten his Mission from God, or Gaia, as the case may be. Moreover, the loonie Left, since ALGORE's reprogramming, would crawl on glass for him.

ALGORE could unite the Obama-ites, the Edwards lefties and all the establishment types afraid Hilla can't do it; plus all the schoolmarm-authoritarians in waiting in that party who think they're better than the rest of us and that they're uniquely qualified to give the law to the rest of us unwashed.

On the plus side, going Full Bore for ALGORE would probably scare the big business class back into the Republican column: they want National Health Insurance, and to use the government to kill their underfinanced competitors, but they don't want Total Enviro Worship, and you can't manipulate a true believer.

Scary when Hilla appears to be the moderate.

Candidly Caroline said...

I have to wonder, though, if President Bush made that comment intentionally, knowing it would rile so many people. She is definitely not liked - at all - by many conservatives, and he may have seen this as a way to start re-energizing the Republican base.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Does seem like a good guess, doesn't it CC ? I mean, with friends like that...

So many people over there think Hillary's a sell-out anyway: that's why she didn't condemn the MoveOn thing, she needs to burnish her credentials with the Hard Left crowd.

Maybe Bush thinks, besides firing up the Republican base, he can throw the proverbial Baby Ruth into her swimming pool.