Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Please Go Already

Judging by statements from his lawyers and spokesmen, Idaho's Senator Larry Craig seems to want to renege on his announced plans to resign from the Senate on 30 September. Second-thoughts appear to be in Senator Craig's DNA -- first he pleads guilty, then he regrets it; he announces he will resign, then he says he doesn't want to. Does he behave like this with Senate business ? How long do the rules give you to switch votes ?
I don't understand this sort of thinking. Guilty or not guilty; fair or unfair: Senator Craig has become political damaged goods. Senator Craig is presently a burden to his already suffering party, and an embarassment to the Senate. Maybe someplace down the road, he gets another chance: American politics is full of good second acts, but more is at stake than Senator Craig's fight for political and personal survival. I'd think a whole lot more of an innocent man in his position who drew the appropriate conclusions, and left quietly, without all this fuss. Better oblivion than being the staple of jokes on late night television, YouTube and blogs. Just go, please.

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