Saturday, August 4, 2007

Disorder in the Empire

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but El Jefe's move from Palace to Palace is approaching (another week yet), and there is great Disturbance in the Force, locally. Moreover the day job is VERY busy right now. Despite the best efforts of legions of loyal servants, and those of the ever watchful, not to be forgotten Organs of State Security, there is disorder in the offices and hallways of the Palace.
No doubt, after the Usual Suspects are rounded up, the Secret Police archives uncased, and the loyal servants driven to truly Stakhanovite levels of productivity by a few stern examples; and maybe inspired by a few Heroes of Monarchist Labor -- the usual blogging will resume.

1 comment:

louielouie said...

you want to know how i spell disorder???????
that's how.
with all the hoopla at southern humps, all the corporate types are a mile down the road from my favorite liquor store in south tulsa. that means that all my regular customers are playing someplace else. kind of like dominos.
if i were going to make a comment about disorder in the palace, don't forget "rape & pillage".
the greens fees a mile down the road are about 40 bucks. private club of course. but that is being waived for the corporate types to the tune of 229USD per head.
there are no open times.
sun up to sun down all week.
ka-cheeng, ka-cheeng.
i'll be glad when they are gone.