Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Solution to Energy, Environmental Problems

The President is not ruling out an eventual pardon for Mr. Libby.
On a not-unrelated note, El Jefe proposes a simple, environmentally-friendly solution to all of the world's energy woes. Just wire all the liberals into the world electrical grid, or just drop them in your gas tank. You could power every gadget on Earth and have plenty of juice left if you could just harness all that Lefty anger.
Until we can plug in the liberals, the cardiac wards need to prepare some extra beds.


louielouie said...

if you could just harness all that Lefty anger.

most of the electrical devices i own run on hot air, would this be covered in your plan?

El Jefe Maximo said...

I did promise it was environmentally friendly didn't I ? In addition to (1) nervous energy, naturally produced by liberals when in high dudgeon, there's; (2) liberal nuclear power -- harvesting all those rage vibes being emitted by their red faces when yelling; (3) liberal solar power -- light energy from liberal lightweight, lazy thinking; and, finally (4) wind power, from all the hot air they put out.

Liberal power generators are even more efficient when you activate the supercharge feature. This is done by standing near liberal bigwigs and TV cameras and saying "reverse Roe v. Wade," "abolish the EPA," "Supreme Court vacancy" or "Nobel Peace Prize for Dick Cheney." Some energy researchers think that the path to nuclear fusion, and an end to all our energy woes, and the road to the Nirvana of cheap abundant energy for everyone is to say all these things at once.

No liability is assumed by El Jefe Energy Industries for collateral damage if you try this at home.

Candidly Caroline said...

Jefe, I can't even tell you how funny your comment is to me, particularly the second paragraph. ;)

louielouie said...

as it is so close to our nation's birthday, and i have not made an off topic comment.........in a day or two, i have to ask the following question..........

you know what comes after the fourth?

a fifth.
get it.
a fifth.

oh my, i can hear EJM I groaning all the way to my favorite liquor store in south tulsa.

happy birthday USA!!!