Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hey Guys, Nice Boat

Look what turned up on Google Earth. . . Here's more details.

I suppose if I was Lord High Admiral of John Chinaman's navy (or ours), I'd want to build me some U-Boat pens like these, to keep my pretty new submarines away from snoopy neighbors.


Candidly Caroline said...

Can you imagine if you were, say, laying out nude, on the day Google came to your neighborhood? Or just doing something you'd like to be private? For like the next five years, anyone could pull you up on the 'Net and say, "Look, there's the neighbor I told you about!"

It's cool they can do that, but a little scary just the same.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I have no evidence on the subject, and haven't looked into it seriously, but it's my working assumption that Google Earth's capabilities are on the low end of the what's possible spectrum. The military and intelligence types most probably have access to much better stuff than the satellite product you can get on Google Earth.

People with reasons to be concerned can plan around it to a degree -- those with something serious to hide keep up with where the satellites are. But it is scary, from a privacy and civil liberties standpoint, and for a gazillion reasons I probably haven't thought of, or don't wan't to think about -- like Google Earth catching me at the pool !

louielouie said...

i had intended to post earlier, but upon reading the subject of CC post, i broke out in a sweat and have just now calmed down enough to type.

as is my custom, when EJM I "HITS ONE OUTTA THE PARK" as with the happy independence day, 2007 essay, i don't wish to soil that essay with a comment of mine, so i soil another, usually the next post, instead. that would be this one.
the un-mentioned part of EJM I comments regarding the current conflict between those multiculturists and we purists is that a lot of multiculturists pass each other in the aisles of the US house & US senate and refer to each other as "my distinguished colleague." i know EJM I does not share my opinion on "no difference between a dem and a repub" but i think the line is getting thinner every day.