Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gates of Vienna Locked ?

The Gates of Vienna blog, one of El Jefe's favorite spots on the blogosphere, was evidently blocked for a time, apparently by Blogger software. During the blockage, Baron B. and Dymphna, the proprietors of Gates of Vienna were unable to post, the software telling them that their posts were being blocked by Blogger's "spam prevention" robots. Gates is open again, but it seems that Gates of Vienna was probably the victim of malicious persons flagging the blog as some sort of spam site.
The matter has evidently been resolved, but this is a very sinister matter: the robots are evidently induced to emplace blockages, and the matter is reviewed only after the blogger figures out how to protest later. As a Gates commenter put it -- guilty till proven innocent.


louielouie said...

the baron, imo, would be an excellent sec. of state.
d. would be good as well, but the baron would be my choice.
d., imo, would be an excellent press secretary.

El Jefe Maximo said...

Yeah, putting together the all-time favorite cabinet can be fun from time to time, and if you are ever in the handing out offices-of- state business, LL, you may be sure that I will be beating a path rapidly to your door !

The position reminds me of King Louis XIV's comment on that task: "every time I fill an office, I create ninety-nine malcontents and one ingrate."

louielouie said...

and if you are ever in the handing out offices-of- state business,

that'll, look at that pig flying......

1389 said...

I, and others, have blogged about what to do about this problem: See Makes It Too Easy to Censor Blogs - What to do?

Candidly Caroline said...

I get frustrated with Blogger all the time. There is no way to get anyone to actually respond to you, as far as I can tell.
Maybe if I yell, "Fire! Fire!"