Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Very busy at work, and preparing, at the end of the month, to relocate the Imperial Palace, so I'm rather behind on posting.
There is one matter that will absolutely not wait, for it portends a Serious Media Conniption-Fit -- maybe even as big as Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan has evidently been busted. . .as in serious DWI trouble -- again. Maybe even worse: the celeb sites are reporting car chases, drugs and probably space-aliens too. So what's up with her anyway ? Rich, gorgeous and still a walking disaster.
Besides the fact that this is a real ginormous crisis, and much bigger news than the stupid Democratic You-Tube debate, I really just wanted to find a plausible reason to link here. . .

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Candidly Caroline said...

Boy, she's in some serious trouble.