Friday, June 8, 2007

The Real News: Paris in Crisis

The G-8 have apparently warned Iran about its nuclear program, but I don't know how the heads of the world's big industrial powers can focus, when there's a REAL crisis: Paris Hilton may be headed back to jail. Paris has made the ritual celebrity promenade down the Hollywood Freeway and her destiny is being decided EVEN NOW.


louielouie said...

and i thought i was eclectic.
admit it.
you just love doing this to us.....
as viewed through the lens held by EJM I.

louielouie said...

ok, i took the bait.
i googled, or whatever, various blogs that contained p-ris hi-ton comments regarding this fiasco.
it was interesting.
the blogger's initial posting/comments were mainly complaints about not really being any coverage of any real news.
half were peeved because no one was arresting bush and/or cheney.
the other half couldn't understand why the amnesty bill was even considered and why iran isn't glowing already.
their seems to be a vast schism.