Saturday, June 2, 2007

Putting the Royal Back in Canada's Navy and Air Force

"Keep your hands off the regiment, ye iconoclastic civilian officials who meddle and muddle in Army matters."
Field Marshal Joseph Garnet Wolseley, Viscount Wolseley, KP, OM, GCB, GCMG (1833-1913) (quoted in Bryan Farwell, Queen Victoria's Little Wars, (Norton, 1972) at 362.).
The Monarchist website has a link to a really well-done video in support of a petition that's circulating to put the prefix "Royal" back in front of the designations of Canada's naval and air forces.
Until 1968, the two services were known, respectively, as the "Royal Canadian Navy" and the "Royal Canadian Air Force" -- the titles they bore in the Second World War (the Navy bore the title by from 1911, the Royal Canadian Air Force was "Royal" from 1924). But in 1968, the Canadians reorganized their forces, dropping the "Royal" appellation. Quite naturally, some patriotic Canadians are offended, and they've come up with a lobbying effort and a petition to get the Canadian Parliament to fix matters.
Hopefully, the Canadian Parliament sees wisdom in restoring service traditions that it meddled with. El Jefe is from a long way south of the border -- but he wishes the petitioners well.

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