Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hillary Soprano ?

There's a new You Tube video floating around out there -- very reluctantly I'm linking it. Senator Hillary and President Bill are spoofing the ending of The Sopranos.
This is so incredibly twisted and so utterly bizarre on so many levels that the mind can't comprehend it. The former President and his wife the Wannabe President, are comparing themselves, even in fun, to mobsters ? Even television mobsters.
The thing is, the spoof works. Hillary and Bill's sitdown in the diner looks and feels like a meeting of rivals, or opposing powers, or something not resembling your average husband and wife lunch. Not only is there a mob joke, Hillary and her handlers are making a joke, too, out of the Hilla/Bill marriage of convenience; corporate enterprise; strategic alliance; partnership for peace or whatever that relationship really is.
The Sopranos for President ? Well, that's appropriate, somehow: these people would say anything, do anything, crawl over broken glass for power. Mind you, this is normal in a politician at that level, but most try to conceal it, at least a little bit. Few project Hillary's aura of being so hungry to rule.
Hmmm, campaign slogans: "Hillary: an Offer You Can't Refuse ?" "Hillary for Don ?" "Vote for Hillary and Keep your Kneecaps ?" The crazy, completely mind-boggling part of it is, 50 percent of the country is willing to vote for this.

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